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Telephone Premium Audits

Our telephone auditors complete premium audits nationwide from our distributed workforce based call center. Each certified team member is trained specifically on special rules or unique industries for each carrier. The carrier is assigned a unique toll free number so that if they return calls or need further assistance they will be directed to a dedicated unit of auditors within VTAudit’s network.

Physical Type Audits: Premium Audits

Our auditors perform premium physical type audits nationwide within our distributed workforce model. Our product called X-Dox is changing the way physical type audits are performed in the industry. This product is ideal for the mid-sized to large company that needs a thorough audit with verification and supporting documentation. This process was developed with collaboration of executives in the insurance industry who are demanding a better way to drive both cost and timeliness of physical audits. With X-Dox, we can provide you a level of information that, until now, only a physical audit could provide, but at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time. You expect a thorough audit and VTAudit can deliver.

Voluntary Premium Audits

For smaller policy exposures, VTAudit has developed custom forms that can be sent to the insured and returned with the actual payroll or policy basis information. This form can be analyzed or returned to the carrier in scanned image or by other means. Our call center can also assist in follow-up of non-productive voluntary audits with agents or insured.

The Difference: Technology and People: Premium Audits

VTAudit has developed technology that allows certified and trained auditors to work remotely from their homes anywhere in the US. This technology has the advantage of having a pool of auditors to perform the auditing process on your policies. This pooling of resources and talent greatly improves your quality and consistency of results. The audit process is driven by a browser based SQL data collection system, HOTDOG, which captures risk data for carriers and compares the actual exposure to the estimated on the policy. Our intelligent system VTAudit gets its name from the technology being referred to as virtual or remote, thus the name Virtual Technology. While our competition is hard pressed to retain auditors, VT-Audit has a waiting list of “baby boomers” lining up to go to VTAudit School. When it comes down to it, the skill and training of the auditor will make the difference for you. Our people who audit for you are mature and responsive. Until now it was virtually impossible to appeal to these stay-at-home auditors, retirees, physically disabled individuals, and licensed professionals.

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