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Sales and underwriting are critical parts of the insurance industry. Today’s market environment – with slowing premium growth, competitive landscape on product offering and market consolidation is driving an increased emphasis on accuracy, consistency, and value.

VirWo has a distributed workforce of insurance professionals that improve accuracy, consistency and efficiency of the underwriting and sales processes. With licensing and certification of our work at home professionals, we can deliver the highest quality solution to your recruiting challenges.

Life Insurance Tele-Underwriting – The underwriting process involves accurately gathering the required information to make intelligent decisions. Eight years ago VirWo developed a telephone-underwriting model for the life insurance marketplace. The success was driven by our unique ability to tap the experienced, baby-boom labor pool and train these experienced individuals in the interactive process of obtaining critical background health information. VirWo can enter the underwriting information on your host system or in-house systems that can batch transfer the information to the carrier’s host system.

Life Insurance Sales – With the use of our distributed workforce of licensed life and health representatives, VirWo can assist in follow-up or contact management of warm leads to your distribution channel. The “VirWo Advantage” of licensed agents can serve to augment your existing agent workforce or target new business channels for introductory products.

Property and Casualty Insurance [Auditing] – The rating and auditing process involves retrieving all information about an insured to enable an accurate premium to be established. VirWo has a wholly owned unit, VTAudit that is dedicated to premium auditing in the property and casualty industry. Our understanding of work process allows us to think outside the cubicle and design products that move factors such as accuracy and quality to center stage. Sometimes our approach seems unconventional, but the results are attracting attention. The bottom-line is not the process, but the results. Our distributed workforce allows us to have collaboration by individuals that crosses time zones, country roads and city blocks. The auditing process involves a propriety software engine called “X-Dox™”. The software engine assists our auditors in getting digital source documents and entering/analyzing payroll or basis data for a comprehensive audit. Our “Virtual Audit” provides digital documentation and source documentation not currently available with traditional physical audits performed in the industry.

Property and Casualty Insurance [Claims] – The distributed insurance workforce can augment or become an outsourced solution for your first report of claims, claims interview or claims review process. Our representatives can overcome challenges of time zones and after hour’s coverage for your organization.

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