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President / CEO : Lester Ham - strategic leader for the company. Lester founded VirWo in 1986 as a staffing company. The company started in the call center industry in 1991 to manage accounts receivables for healthcare companies. Lester transformed a brick and mortar company in the 90s to a virtual business model today that crosses many verticals of insurance, healthcare, retail and customer service for Fortune 1000 companies. VirWo has been recognized as both a pioneer in the virtual call center space as well as a leader in cutting edge technologies for virtual office worker delivery.

Chief Operating Officer: Michael Amigoni - Operations and strategic technology leader. Michael originally was hired originally to manage IT and in 1995 was promoted to chief of operations. Michael has a MBA from University of IL in Information Technology. Michael along with Lester, had the vision that by tapping the large workforce of the baby boomer they would increase quality and lower cost of delivery. Michael has been the guest speaker at many conferences on the economic model of virtual technology and home shoring in the call center industry. Michael is a co-author of the latest book entitled, Managing the Telecommuting Employee: Set Goals, Monitor Progress, and Maximize Profit and Productivity is now available in paper-book by most major book e-tailers.

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